From our tip jar: The Heart of New Orleans (Allways Lounge), and The Bowtie of New York (Dixon Place)

Imani Simms, Detroit MI

"Last night I saw the stars and couldn't say good bye..."


Which is a line from one of my favorite lyrics from one of my favorite songs. It's not one that's made its way to the radio yet, but Stargazer's Lullaby by Greencard Wedding sticks to my head (probably because it got caught by my heart) and I whisper it to myself on nights that are too long. I heard it I think 3 years ago and it's been with me ever since.


I've seen that song woven in and out of different incarnations of what was formerly called The Skype Show, at NYC Fringe and at The Brick, reading a draft in between. 


I've also seen Jody Christopherson work on this play for years. I've seen her rip it to pieces and sew it back together. I've seen her mold it, shape it into something new. I've seen her pour her heart into it, struggle with it, breakthrough with it. I've seen challenges thrown at her that might have stopped others from continuing to develop it, and have seen her toss them to the side, deflecting them off of her like bullets from Superman.


And last night I had the incredible honor and privilege of seeing this incarnation. And it's brilliant. It's absolutely brilliant. It's one of the most interactive, innovative, deeply moving pieces of theatre I've ever seen. The band, songs, Skype calls and politics of being an artist all move seamlessly through the piece. 


It's a new piece of theatre. It's beautiful. It's powerful. It's everything and more.

Congratulations to you, Jody, and the brilliant Ryan McCurdy . And thank you. Thank you for creating this piece of theatre and putting it out into the world. Thank you for never stopping. 

Thank you for this.- Gina Femia, audience member New York

If you get the opportunity don't miss Greencard Wedding! - Heather Cunningham (Retro Productions)

Fantastic show. Beautiful, funny, sad. Ryan McCurdy and Jody Christopherson's chemistry on stage and screen is electric. Hope more people are able to see it.- Donita Beeman

Lovely concept and beautiful structure! David Anzuelo steals the show...but in the best possible way.

-Joe Stackell

Superb singing and videos. What a show. I'm going to tell my Uncle Dave about Unka Dave.  - Edmund Malin

Heres to Big. Things. Happening! Xo!- Micheline Auger

Beautiful and brave, absorbing and sad, sweet and hopeful - all the things that you want theater to be. - Julie Fitzpatrick

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