Critics Pick: Time Out New York Gives Greencard Wedding 4 Stars!
" The unfolding story of their efforts to get him back to the States keeps you on the edge of your seat, and yields a poignant statement about government support for artists in America. With not much more than a desk and a few scattered props—and highly original music from their band, Greencard Wedding, that blends dubstep beat-boxing with folk guitar and vocals—The Skype Show provides just the kind of experience you hope for  . . . talents to watch, not to mention a pleasure to hear.
—Derek Smith 
 "The show’s delightfully glamourless protagonists, as well as its musical style, evoke Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova’s Once, or an early Richard Linklater film. Christopherson’s dramatic scenes are witty and poetic, while the narrative that progresses through Skype videos is close to cinéma vérité."
"Rock gods be damned. This deeply original work is complex, but it also fits in two suitcases to take on the road.  Projections and lights are already programmed in, courtesy of  designers Martha Goode and Morgan Zipf Meister. Everything is slotted and timed out. For Christopherson, transmedia isn’t transmutation. There’s no morphing or digitizing into oblivion. More than a song cycle, the play explores the depth of the soul, and uses state of the art design to define a place where peace and love matter. Christopherson and McCurdy, (who was in the Broadway company of Once and who is a teaching artist at Brooklyn Academy of Music) keep it smooth. Through the course of the show, we find that their interdisciplinary skills converge to reveal complete theatre artists."- Marcina Zaccaria
Broadway World
"Whiskey-soaked heart-soaring harmonies"
"Passionate...Hilarious...subtly intimate...a measured, sincere portrait of contemporary love, and our efforts to bridge the physical and emotional distances which part us."
"Ryan McCurdy's playing is nothing short of marvelous. Jody Christopherson's dialouge is witty and poetic."

"A remarkably concert-like feel. Christopherson and McCurdy are equally comfortable as scene partners and bandmates, inhabiting the songs’ emotional truth as much as their melodies. The resulting intimacy is palpable." 
"...a unique piece based on actual experiences. . . . The “Skype calls” work quite smoothly and believably. . .  The audience is on their side rooting for them from the start . . David Anzuelo does a scene stealing turn as Unka Dave"- Lynne Marie Macy
   Zouch Magazine (Canada)
" The antithesis of the much criticized “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” that often pops up in angsty romcoms . . . when she sings, she transforms right before your eyes, acquiring a soulful kind of boldness. It’s like seeing a fish released into water.
 The show definitely has legs and I have no doubt it will continue to charm audiences in the future."
KONK LIFE (Key West)
". . .Christopherson’s presence is grounding. Her vulnerability brings an intimacy to the setting . I also wouldn’t miss the chance to see the miraculous David Anzuelo. . . a one-of-a-kind, 1000-watt light bulb aiming straight for your heart. I am still laughing with him as I write this. " - Kimberly Pau
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